About the Author

brazier-jill-mugDoley, the Guatemalan Street Dog is directly inspired by Jill Brazier’s real-life experience living in a bamboo tree-house above Lake Atitlan, in the small village of San Marcos, La Laguna. At twenty years-old, Jill met Doley, a starving little street dog. She nurtured Doley back to health and they spent the next fourteen years together as best friends and travel companions. Jill’s an adventurer, an explorer and a traveler at heart. Yet it was the joyous chapter of her life that she spent in the beautiful land of Guatemala that has inspired this work. She honors her special friendship with Doley in this first of a series of bilingual picture books for children.



Marcio Diaz

ABOUT THE ARTIST – Marcio Diaz was born in a small farming community in Northern Nicaragua. His experiences as a child growing up in a rural environment gave him an awareness of natural beauty and lifestyle that he continues to cultivate in his art. Marcio uses bold, vibrant and rich colors in his paintings. While living in the Pacific Northwest he developed his signature style known as “Bubblism”. The effect of raindrops while driving – the distortion of objects and colors seen through the windshield – was the inspiration for the swirling colors and softly defined shapes featured in his recent works. While this style was not used in the book, examples of Bubblism, and Marcio’s other works, can be found at www.marciodaz.com.

Photography by Filiz Efe McKinney, Brave Sprout

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